"There is no greater legacy than a Life in service of others."

This photo was taken at the Boulder Fire Dept yesterday when myself and a friend went to gather a little support for Hepitecture during the last few days of Kickstart-ing.

Prior to my interest with the team’s project at Sun Valley, I had the pleasure of ‘running’ into a few of Boulder’s firemen during a jog with my pup at Scott Carpenter Park and was asked if I could please take a quick photo of the squad.

(Those photos are displayed below and were used in a previous blog on the NoCo Hemp Expo to help illustrate how our community can help ease the dangers of lung disease and chronic respiratory problems of today’s fire and rescue servicemen.)

Through learning more about hemp and its purposes, we can help alleviate the illnesses that hinder our safety and the health of those risking their lives daily. Our walls might not read ‘death by benzene’, but many in the field find themselves suffering from a list of ailments via high intensity exposure to the corn-based chemical found in paint.

Not only are our homes color-coated in hazardous material, but in the construction of the structure’s themselves, illustrating an inefficient and degenerative method of building. As our our atmosphere heats up, so do our forests, our waterways, and our neighborhoods.

Colorado’s own Four Mile Canyon fire in 2010 burnt nearly 6,422 acres, and 169 homes, using 139 engines, 1,089 firemen, and 15 inter-agency crews.

Please watch the videos posted below to learn of hemp’s direct role as an eminent safety measure in the US, visit Hempitecture’s campaign and become educated on their mission to provide sustainable architecture solutions to these catastrophes. Help bring their mission to CO and other high risk states.